Magic Bench

An AR/MR experience allowing groups of people to see, hear and feel their interactions with the the virtual world


Many augmented reality and mixed reality applications depend on hardware that can lead to isolating, single-user experiences. Instead of instrumenting the person, we instrumented the environment so that we can engage everyone in a group. This sets a stage shared by the participants and the characters where they can seamlessly walk-up and interact with each other.

people see a mirror image of themselves and the scene on A large monitor in front of the bench. A camera and depth sensor mounted alongside the screen provide data to make a 3D reconstruction the scene which is rendered back onto the screen. The bench is calibrated in relation to the camera, depth sensor and monitor so that along with skeleton tracking, we can put the participants and virtual characters in the same scene. The bench is outfitted with actuators and other hardware to provide haptic feedback to the people in the scene. Please refer to the video below for more details on how the bench works.


Disney Fairy Tale Weddings